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WhenDidI Lite – Event Logger

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The slogan for whendidi states ‘audit your life’, and that is exactly what it sets out to do. You enter events that you want to catalogue, and whendidi provides functions to examine them in more detail.

Some examples are
– Measuring how many calories you have consumed.
– How much you have been paying on your travel card.
– Amount of time spent exercising.

So there is quite a diverse range of information you can audit. The reason for this is that this app is very configurable. . Each event belongs to category, e.g. cycling, exercise, and you can specify what the type of measurement is required. There is an unlimited number of categories you can define.
Upon launching the application, you are presented with the main page showing two tabs, Quick Links and Activities. We’ll look at quick links later, but he activities tab is where access to the main features is accomplished. Here you are presented with six buttons to presses, giving you access to the following functions.

3 of these functions are more to do with defining categories, measurements and collecting the events.




This displays the list of the events you entered in reverse chronological order. A drop-down allows you select different categories to list, further buttons let you add, delete and edit events. Clicking the share icon lets you send the list to others via email for example.



You manage all your categories here, such as defining new categories, as well as deleting renaming them. The list of categories shown on this screen is supplemented by the the number of events recorded against that category, as well as the number of days since the last time did an event in that category.



Since WhenDidI is not limited by the predefined measurements, you can define new measurements here.

The remaining 3 are concerned with calculating and displaying important statistical information of your event data. These are




These shows 3 tabs labelled daily, weekly and monthly showing the agregate information for each of these period. This is great for understanding, for example, how you are spending on lunch on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.



Shows summary information for an event category such as the cost and quantity averages. Find out what day you spent the longest time playing your games, or the the mean time between your exercise routines.



Having all these statistical information in long lists can be a daunting, so there is also a more visual option in the form of charts. The information shown in the statistics list is reproduced here in a number of scrollable bar charts, making is easy to spot high and low event activity.


Although it may seem rather daunting and sometimes cumbersome to navigate all those screens, WhenDidI offers Quick Links to overcome this. These are shortcuts that you define by clicking on the star icon in the top bar of most of the screens. So for example, if you like to view the monthly statistics of a particular category often, a quick link will take you to that specific screen, saving you a few button presses.

So, with a slick interface, configurable data types and a number of analysis options, WhenDidI is recommended application for those who want to keep an eye on various parts of their lives.

You can try out the WhenDidI Lite from Google play here.

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