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Retro Camera VSCO

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Retro Camera VSCO is one of the best Retro app that helps you make amazing photos with old cameras! It is an alternative to the vsco cam application. The developers have incorporated most popular vsco filters from vsco cam app.

Retro Camera app

5 completely different cameras:
  • 1. Normal – Simple as it is.
  • 2. Collage Camera : Make awesome collages with this camera
  • 3. Fisheye : Make photos with fisheye effect.
  • 4. Square : All photos in the square format.
  • 5. Multiple Exposure : Combine 2 photos in one.
Main Features
  • * Real emulation of vintage 10 films. Some of them are
  • * T1 – VSCO
  • * Pinhole camera – black and white camera.
  • * Bad Film – emulation of lomo style.
  • * Cinema – emulation of old camera.
  • * Share to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter
  • * Share to Instagram
  • * All cameras and effects are free
How We Did It
  • Take an original image and process it with a VSCO filter.
  • By using Photoshop instrument ‘Curves’, curved points are created at the processed image.
  • update the ‘Curves’ at original image so the values of RGB values precisely matches the ones of the processed image.

To download this app, please click the following link in Google Play.

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