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  • Insert Adsense Ads anywhere within content in WordPress

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    Most of the bloggers use Ad networks for monetizing their blogs. Mostly they look for best ad locations to increase CTR in order to improve their earnings. Mostly you will find ads in sidebars or in header sections. But based on my experience of using ad networks, often i get good CTR by inserting ads…

  • How to Include all Post Types in WordPress search results

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    After WordPress 3 update, everyone started using custom post types a lot. So here is a simple snippet which will automatically include all public post types in your search results. At the same time, This snippet will also remove the custom post types that have been excluded from searches. Include Custom Post Types in WordPress…

  • Show Recent Posts from a particular term in Custom Taxonomy

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    Since the introduction of Custom taxonomies and custom post types, Many WordPress users started using them. I am one of those developers who have used custom taxonomies in my recent website called Windows7themer. In windows 7 themer, I have used custom taxonomy called “Windows 7 utilities”. Windows 7 utilities contains terms such as Themes, Screensavers,…

  • Tips to Remove Admin Color options Scheme in WordPress

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    Today I have come up with an very easy snippet. In WordPress you would have noticed in your profile page, there is an option to change the WordPress Dashboard Color Scheme. I bet very rarely people will use this option. So I thought to remove this option to make the profile page very simple to users. You…


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  • Advanced Techniques and Debugging Strategies for Optimizing React Component Rerendering

    React is a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces, particularly single-page applications. A fundamental concept in React is the component, a reusable piece of code that returns a React element to be rendered on the DOM. Rerendering is the process by which React updates the DOM to reflect changes in the state or props…

  • Javascript Classes: The Definitive Guide for 2023

    Explore ‘JavaScript Classes: The Definitive Guide for 2023’ to master the ins and outs of JavaScript Classes. From basics to advanced concepts, this guide empowers developers to write cleaner, more efficient code. Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros looking to level up their JavaScript game.

  • Tips to shoot excellent Panoramic Photographs

    Recently, making out panoramic photos has become much easier as your software stitches them quite beautifully together. Photoshop is quite skillful and master in doing that; it has got a command called Photo Merge that weaves your photos once you hit it. Now, software is mere medium which we use to ease our post works,…