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Siter Domain Dialing is a Brazilian innovation that is already shaking up the domain name industry. Simply put, it’s the first and only application that makes phone calls without using any phone numbers. All you need is a domain name to dial; it’s based on the fact that customers always intuitively remember the domain name of a company but remembering the phone numbers might another issue altogether. Siter therefore makes it easier for customers to easily access relevant phone numbers armed only with the company’s domain name.

Assigning a single domain name is free but there are various packages for assigning multiple phone numbers to a domain name. The app is also very useful in locating global contacts for companies both big and small. Suppose I need Emirates Airlines’ global contact details, all i need to do is enter and the app will show me the most relevant phone contact details, based on my location, for Emirates for me to “domain dial”. It makes life much easier for users interested in contacting companies especially airlines, hotels, banks, car dealerships, franchises, restaurants with multiple phone contacts and where the location of the person making the phone call is important.

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Siter is an unique app available for smartphones which allows users to make phone call through a domain name or email address. It’s no more necessary to call users via phone number, All you need to do is enter the company email address or domain URL, siter will take care of the remaining process and fetches you the correct phone number. However The domain or email has to be registered at the siter site. Registration is free and siter allows to assign one phone number to a domain or email.



  • Siter works with all types of domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .de, .jp, .cn, .co, etc.
  • Siter is free, but your mobile operator will charge the regular cost of a phone call.
  • Siter works with domain names and email, but also with blogs (ex:, Facebook (ex: and Twitter (ex: pages.
  • Free app, no banners or ads
  • Choose if you will make a regular call or VoIP (Skype)
  • The app is available in 11 languages.

How to use siter?

To start using Siter, please follow the steps below:

  • 1.Sign up on the form below, assign a phone number to your domain or email.
  • 2.Authenticate your domain or email to confirm they belong to you.
  • 3.Place the ladybug on your site or email to demonstrate it works with Siter.
  • 4.People can call you by downloading Siter free app or clicking on the ladybug.

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Download Now

Siter app is available for all smartphones platforms such as android, ios, windows, etc. To download the app for android version, please use the following Google play link.

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