Best Android Lock Screen for checking Weather

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Released this month, Weather Locker HD is a stylish lock screen application, stands apart with its simple, uncluttered design. Unlike existing weather apps that provide detailed forecast including complicated information. Weather Locker HD has the cleanest design of the traditional weather apps while still providing current weather information including current temperature and probability of precipitation.


The strong point of Weather Locker is auto-background changes according to the forecast, it translates the weather condition into beautiful photos. For instance, if it rains outside, you could see the stunning photos taken in the rain so that can catch the weather just with the picture on the screen without running weather application every time.


Not only just with the weather information also Weather Locker HD conveys compelling animation and image processing when the screen is unlocked, Users can easily swipe when waking up the phone. At the beginning, Weather Locker HD work on over Android 4.0, will be support as well as may more devices in the future.


To download this app from Google Play, please use the following link of Google play

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