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If you want to build the home of your dreams in holiday fashion, be sure to check out this app, a Home Design: Dream House for Android. Start building your home with more than 300 decoration items like furniture, electronics and kitchen items. You should also place lovely trees and flowers around your home to be as inviting as possible.
Home Design: Dream House allows you to build a completely customisable home, right down to the walls, floors and windows. The app features high-resolution graphics that are compatible with all Android devices, along with animation. Use coins and bucks to build your home and unlock new rooms as you go.

Home design android app

You’ll want to hurry and get Home Design: Dream House, a free download on the App Store, before the limited time, special furniture is no longer available. Make the home of your dreams, even if it’s virtual. Home Design: Dream House is compatible with all Android phones & tabs.

Home design android

Key Features of Home Design: Dream House:

  • Over 300 items to place on your home.
  • All high quality 3d graphics from 4 views.
  • Variety of rooms to unlock.
  • Change Floor, Wall, Doors and Windows.
  • Easy to customize anytime and frequently.
  • Nice environment with garden and roads.
  • You can decorate garden with trees also.
  • Sharp Graphics and Animation.


To download Home design app for Android, visit the Google play page.

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