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Riddle Me This android game

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Riddle Me This is a new word association puzzle game for Android phones. The game reminds me of Taboo and 4 Pics 1 Word combined, which is definitely something I haven’t seen before. After playing it, I found it surprisingly addicting.

The game is pretty straightforward to play. Your job is to figure out how 4 different clues are related. There’s a selection of 14 letters to choose from, and from that pool of letters, you must create a word that relates to the 4 clues.

The game starts out pretty easy. But as you continue to play, it gets noticeably more challenging. Luckily, the game provides plenty of hints that you can use to help you solve each level. The hints are all fairly priced, especially since you earn 5 coins for each level you complete, more than most other games out there.

One thing that I love about the game is it has no ads so you can just concentrate on the fun gameplay. You can also ask your friends on Facebook for advice.

Awesome Riddle Me android game
Riddle me android game

In conclusion, if you like puzzle, riddles, or thinking games, definitely check out Riddle Me This – Word Game.

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