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Tips to Remove Admin Color options Scheme in WordPress

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Today I have come up with an very easy snippet. In WordPress you would have noticed in your profile page, there is an option to change the WordPress Dashboard Color Scheme. I bet very rarely people will use this option. So I thought to remove this option to make the profile page very simple to users.

You can remove this Color Scheme option by two ways:

Adding Code to Functions.php

Go to your theme functions.php file. And add the following code in the functions.php to remove the Admin color scheme options.

PHP Snippet

function admin_color_scheme() {

   global $_wp_admin_css_colors;

   $_wp_admin_css_colors = 0;


add_action('admin_head', 'admin_color_scheme');


Another Alternative way to remove the admin color scheme options panel is by inserting the following code into the functions.php

PHP Snippet

  remove_action("admin_color_scheme_picker", "admin_color_scheme_picker");


I hope that you liked this simple snippet. I will keep posting some more tricky code hacks for WordPress soon.

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