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Getting rid of your laptop’s over heating problem in Windows 7

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The mobility of laptops has made them popular whether for office use or for gaming purposes. As we know a laptop obviously has a less efficient cooling system when compared to a Desktop PC, due to its size. So they tend to overheat rapidly. The cooling is normally performed by a fan and some kind of metal conductor like copper or aluminum called a heat sink. But the problem is that over time dust and other particles clog the vents, fan and exhaust port or radiator of the system thus restricting air flow and cooling. This can be fixed by blowing out the vents and fan with air or using a brush or earbud to clean away the dust. So if you have a computer system that starts working slower and slower and then switches off for no apparent reason, overheating could be your problem. A sure sign that your notebook gets too hot is when your fan always runs at maximum speed. You may also experience reduced performance because the CPU cuts back its clock speed to escape heat pressure. Moreover, the fail safe software may trigger a sudden shutdown to prevent hardware damage.

Laptop over heating issue can be a very frustrating thing when you are doing advance tasks like playing games and editing videos. If your laptop over heats and shuts down or restarts when you are doing the above mentioned tasks it’s normal you don’t have to get panicked. However if your laptop is getting shut down while idling you have to worry a little. Let’s see what we can do about it.

  • If your laptop falls under the first category I mentioned above and also if you are using windows 7 you can try to reduce the maximum power percentage given to the processor
  • If your laptop falls under the second category you need to clean your cooling fans and find what’s blocking your air vents.

Now let’s see how to fix this issue.

Reducing the maximum power supply percentage to the processor

Normally your pc provides 100% power to the processor when it’s plugged in. That means the new Intel processors like core I3, I5 and i7 can absorb maximum power and get self over clocked. But your cooling system is not enough to allow this behavior for a long time. If you limit the power percentage to a reasonable amount, it won’t affect the performance of your laptop.

Step 1

Click on the power icon (battery) in the bottom right corner of your task bar. As highlighted in the above picture click More power options.

Step 2

When you are playing games or editing videos, select the high performance mode and then select Change plan settings.

Step 3

Now select Change advanced power settings in the bottom left corner of the window.

Step 4

Now scroll down till you find an option named Processor power management and click it to expand.

Step 5

You will find an option called Maximum processor state under Processor power management click on it to expand.

Step 6

Change the On battery percentage to 85% and Plugged in percentage from 95% to 90%

Step 7

Click Apply and then click ok button to exit the window.
Now you should be able to experience better gaming performance without your laptop getting over heated.

Other methods to prevent the overheating issue

If your laptop is shutting down due to excessive heat produced by the processor while idling you can follow the following steps to identify what causes the problem. These tips are given assuming that your pc has 100% working hardware and an external problem causes the air flow due to that problem only your system over heats.

Tip #1

Make sure that your air vents are not clogged. Sometimes you can’t identify this from outside; you need to remove the outer cover of your laptop to clean the cooling fan. Or you can spray compressed air using a small can available in all stores. Do not use your air compressor it can damage the sophisticated parts inside the laptop.

Tip #2

Keep your laptop on a leveled surface. Do not block the air flow by keeping it on your lap or on the bed.

Tip #3

Use a decent cooling pad with at least 1 good cooling fan.

Tip #4

Replace the cooling fan of your laptop with the heat solution applied on the processor.


Hope you found your problem in the laptop which caused it to shut down due to excessive heat. We would love to bring more solutions like this to you on how to troubleshoot your hardware problems using already available tools in windows 7. Please feel free to share your views on this tutorial so that we can come up with better solutions in the future.

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