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Pong 2013 (lite) for IOs and Android Gamers

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Soloweb N.V., e-company based in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) specialized in web and apps development, is proud to announce its latest production in the world of Apps and gaming: Pong 2013.
Pong 2013 (lite) is a free videogame for Android platforms (phones and tablets) and for IOs systems (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad); a windows version and a HTML5 version are work in progress.
Pong 2013 is the up-to-date version of the most famous and nevertheless very first arcade game of history: PONG. Back in 70s the game was just realized with 2 colors (black and white), minimal sound, and nothing more than 2 lines and a dot moving around the screen.
Pong 2013 instead pushes a bit more the envelope and uses a lot the new technology of today: the main theme is the space, space-art pictures are alternating in the background while two modern paddles are playing with a sort of glowing comet rather than a ball. Sporadic nebulas and gas clouds are going to give special power ups to the players such us double size, speed and fire. The game is packed with special sound effects and cyberpunk music.
The control of the paddle is given by swapping vertically up and down the touch screen (in any position), the paddle is always in movement but the direction will be given by the player (up or down). The game is entirely in landscape position (device in horizontal position).


Option wise we have everything we aspect from a game like this one: the difficulty of the CPU is divided in 6 different levels (and they will affect not just the speed of the CPU paddle but also a real AI), we can choose the music and the playing system. Let’s not forget that this version is the “lite” version and it is totally free: a full version (with no Ads at the price of 0.99 USD) will come soon with the possibility to play in arcade mode and the chance to play on the net against other players.

The developers of the game (Ivano Cheers at the coding and Alex Zak for the graphics, the same duo of “the labyrinth”) developed the game initially for IOs/apple devices and they personally ported it for Android tablets and phones. A PC version is already in testing and an HTML5 version (with some less features and without the same amazing sound) will be soon released. If the game will perform well Soloweb N.V. is planning to port Pong 2013 also for windows phones.
Pong 2013 is definitely a well coded game, without glitches or bugs, very elegant and, most important, funny and addictive like the original Pong.
If you would like to download Pong 2013 lite here are the links:
Android – google play:
IOs – apple store
The developers would really appreciate your kind rating and short review of the game in the store in case you like it, considering that the game is totally free.
For the future Soloweb N.V. is very keen to push the envelope of mobile gaming to the limit by releasing apps always more funny and well built.

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