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Rather than advertising revenue some websites depend on donations from users to run their sites. Although there are few online paypal button code generator websites available, I would like to explain how to generate paypal donation button script manually using your own paypal account. In order to create a donation button in paypal you need to have paypal account of any type (personal , business or merchant).

Creating the code for Paypal donation button

In order to create the paypal donation button script, just login to your paypal account.Then navigate to Merchant services sub page. There under ” PayPal Website Payments Standard ” , you can see a link to ” Donations” page. Click that “donations” link.

Now in that page , edit the paypal button code to suit your template. You can also have your own paypal donations button image. You can use some online paypal button creation websites to create a paypal donation button , then upload those images to your blog. In that paypal donation button customization page , enter that image url.

Then you can also customize the paypal donations script over there itself. I have explained them in my video tutorial for this hack.
So now we will have the paypal donation button script with us. Copy and paste the script somewhere in notepad.


VIDEO TUTORIAL to create paypal donation button




Online paypal donation button script generators

You can also generate the paypal donation button script using the following online paypal code generators.



Enter your paypal account details there and finally you will have the code ready to add in your blog/wesbite.

The above sites are some of the paypal button creators which i have found so far. If you any other then please let me know using comments.


To add the paypal donation button to your blogger blogs , Go to layout section of your blogger blog. Then add a HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget using “add a gadget” option in the layout page. Paste the paypal donation button code you generated either via the online paypal button creator or from the paypal website itself there. Then click save , Now you can see a cool paypal donation button on your website.

if you want to add the paypal donation button below post of your blogger blog, then navigate to the EDIT HTML subtab in the layout section.
Then click “Expand Widget Templates” option in that page. Now search for this tag <p><data:post.body/></p> and add the paypal donation button code immediately below that line.

Now you can see a beautiful paypal donation button in your blogger blog.



In order to add the paypal donation button code to your wordpress blog , Go to Themes appearance/presentation tab. Then navigate to WIDGETS option available there.
Add either a text widget or HTML widget and paste the paypal button code there.

If you want to add the paypal donation button below post in wordpress too , then navigate to EDITOR option in APPEARANCE. IN editor page search for single.php page. There place the paypal donation button code immediately below the “the_content” whole tag line.

Conclusion :

I hope that you guys will like this tutorial for adding paypal donation button. Placing a donation button in your blog can help you to earn some extra income.

P.S: This is my first video tutorial for blogger users. I have created a new youtube channel for uploading blogger tutorials over there. Hope you guys will support me for that.

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