Zezebra File sharing app for android

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ZeZebra is a new app that lets you share files of any size, between any devices, safe, private and always free.
If you tried to send and receive big files before from/to an Android device you probably know every solution has its limitations and problems – size limits, cost, upload/download problems, and what’s more – usually your files are stored on some server out there… which makes me worry a bit about privacy and security, wouldn’t you?
Even solutions like DropBox which are typically easy to use, become a problem when you sent to send really big files, for example it is not free – and besides, you probably don’t want to share your DropBox folders with just anyone that you send big files to.
With ZeZebra, files are sent directly from one device to the other, safe and secure, and very easy to use.

ZeZebra has just been released for Android, which joins the PC/Windows, Mac and iPhone versions, so now everything is possible – you can send any file from any of your devices to any of your friends’ devices – large video files, data files, music, pictures or anything.
There is absolutely no size limit when sharing files through ZeZebra – or, as the saying goes “Size does not matter”.

Zezebra android file sharing app
Zezebra file sharing android app
Zezebra FIle sharing app
Zezebra file sharing application
Zezebra file sharing

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