Stump It : An awesome android game for Cricket Lovers

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For all cricket fans, I present you just another time killing android game called Stump It. Most of us would have played cricket game as a batsman so far, but Stump It is a cricket based game that can be played as a wicket keeper. Of course this is the very first time where you play as a wicket keeper. You take the wicket keeper’s view and have to stump the batsman before he gets back to the crease. The objective is to collect the ball and hit the stumps before the batsman is back in his crease.A minimum of one and a maximum of ten wickets have to be taken in a given number of balls. The number of balls available decreases with each level and the challenge for stumping increases. A fun way to stump. Each level has a number of matches that can be played with your favorite team. There are three types of ball delivery, Spin, Medium and Fast and the difficulty varies accordingly. As you play through the first level, you get a hang of it and would like to play on.

Stump It Android Game
Stump It Android Game (1)
Stump It Android Game (2)
Stump It Android Game (4)



The gameplay is smooth and light and you will enjoy stumping.
It is definitely worth a free install but has limited levels unlocked and if you like to play with more teams and challenges, $1 for the paid version is a good buy.


On the downside, the game lacks player names and team selection.

My Thoughts

I feel that this is game is interesting and worth giving it a try. You can download this app from here

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