PressHere 2 : Smiley based android game

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PressHere 2 is the new game by Raz Gino. The app is a fun app for the whole family which includes playing in different modes and mini games with the creatures of the game. The player need to help to save the red smiley and his friends and need to be careful from the bombs ! They might try to hurt you.

PressHere2 android game

Modes in game

  • 1. regular mode – save the smilies and dont touch the bombs, you can try breaking you’re records and use special forces from the store.
  • 2. two players – you can play with ur friends on the same phone! the screen is splitting and you can compete with your friends and family!
  • 3. can mode – a spcial new mode , some smilies had been hurt, try saving them by catching them with your can;
  • 4. bad mode – if your feeling like playing with the bombs try hitting the smilies by throwing your bombs at them!

smiling android game - PressHere2

Download the Game

Ofcourse there is a special store with upgrades that can be bought by earning points in the different modes.
have fun , and don’t forget to have a smile on your face ! To download the app, Please use the following Google play store link.

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