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Ondigo is one of the most useful apps that I currently have on my smartphone. As a small business owner, I need to save money whenever possible. With Ondigo, I have a personal assistant in my pocket that comes with me no matter where I happen to go.
I came across Ondigo while I was checking for new business applications on Google Play, it was ranked #1 at this category, so I decided to try it.


Now why would this product benefit you? Well, if you own a business, or have a ton of personal/business contacts for any reason, this is the app for you. Ondigo automatically manages your contacts, which is a major positive about the app. Another great feature is the Social Context that is given about clients, which is extremely beneficial. One down side to the app is the scheduling calendar, all of the information could be better presented there. Since this is a new app I trust that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.
The apps runs seamlessly. I have yet to experience any major problems that would inhibit my usage. A very well built app with a lot of great features.



My thoughts

I recommend this app to anyone out there with many contacts looking to keep things organized. I use Ondigo on a regular basis and couldn’t have asked for a better app. Thank you to the developers of Ondigo for the perfect app for my business needs. You can download the app from Google Play.

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