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If you attend a lot of meetings, listen to lectures, or always come up with a lot of ideas, you may need a notepad with advanced tools. Note Anytime is more of a scrapbook app than a notepad. One of the best features of this note-taking app is that you can handwrite your notes. If you are not comfortable using the Android’s touch screen keyboard and haven’t already invested in some kind of keyboard case, you will love being able to write on your android like a note pad. Of course, you’ll need a stylus in order to make the most out of your chicken scratch. However, Note Anytime features smooth, realistic handwriting simulation with multiple paper styles , pen strokes and a variety of pen color options. You can import images, annotate files, and sketch ideas.

Note anytime

Amazing Features of Note Anytime


Variety of Paper and Pens

You can find a variety of pen styles which can be customized to your preference for thickness, color and transparency. Some cool paper designs including stationery, calendars, note types and even musical scores are available. You can access the additional paper layouts from the in-app store. The free version of Note Anytime even offers perfect curve correction and highly stylized lettering with calligraphy pens. The vector based authoring tools in Note Anytime not only allow you to collapse or expand any graphic without losing visual integrity – but it also allows drawings to be saved as individual jpeg graphics into the item library for infinite reuse later. Even text boxes are treated like high resolution graphics which can be rotated, scaled or moved anywhere within your workspace.


Digital Scrapbooking

As i told earlier, note anytime is more of a scrapbooking type, You can combine any number of elements and redesign in your composition with handwritten text, keypad input, and photos from the device camera, imported jpeg graphics, a PDF file or even a web page. With zoom levels of up to 50X scaling and the size of over 25 feet in diameter, no other note application can give you the powerful graphic and photo editing quality of Note Anytime. You can shrink your creations down to the size of a sticky note or up to the size of a billboard while still maintaining 100% visual integrity. Web page Import and Export – Note Anytime acts as an interactive browser which allows you to go out to a website, import the site as a graphic and then markup, scale, rotate, annotate, and export the result as a high resolution jpeg graphic.



Handwriting Recognition

The premium version of Note Anytime adds support for MetaMoJi’s handwriting recognition plug-in called mazec. With this advanced feature, users can handwrite their notes with their finger or a stylus and convert to digital text with predictive words on the fly or as an entire text block or document at a later time. Mazec comes with amazing handwriting recognition features such as :

  • Stroke-based handwriting input can recognize even semi-cursive handwriting.
  • Predictive text will help you correct spelling and typo errors on the fly.
  • Handwritten notes can be converted to digital text in real-time or on-demand later.


Premium feature subscription

The built-in app store consists of more than 35 product enhancements with a simple 99 cent monthly subscription. The features range from advanced calligraphy pens, special inks for gradient colors and pastel colors, a wide range of graphics available from the item library, and special paper and calendar layouts. This subscription will give users unlimited access to all features within the app.


Note Anytime for Android has entered a whole new level of productivity with this new release. Whether mobile users are using Note Anytime for their personal lives or business activities – they will love having note taking, PDF annotation and web browsing in one powerful app. Since Note Anytime is free for download on nearly all mobile devices, it is quickly becoming the app of choice for family and business users alike. Note Anytime is so packed with features, it is the ideal note taker – anytime, anywhere.
Download from google play store.

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