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Facts, figures, names, dates: There is a lot to remember in daily life. A good memory is an asset at work, hugely helpful in social situations and indispensable when studying. With only the simplest materials, children can play a variety of games that will keep them entertained and sharpen their memories, too.Do you want to enhance your kids’ memory? The easiest and most interesting way to help children sharpen their memories is to introduce them to different kinds of Memory games. One of the best memory game app is “My kids Memory”. The app has loads of memory games which kids will love playing. at the same time, the games will improve their memory and also enable them to learn new words. The app is perfect for kids in the age group 4-10. It’s easy and lets your kids discover the world of animals, cars, sports, shapes and colors in a funny way.


How the game is played?

It’s free to download and try out. A person has to memorize the positions of cards shown briefly and then tap on each correct pair in the least number of moves.


Why will kids love this app?

  • The challenge to solve memory games in the least number of moves possible.
  • Kids would love to compete against their parents, siblings or friends to see who completes faster.
  • Colorful, cute and captivating images make playing the game all the more interesting.
  • 6 different categories (animals, music, fairy, cars, shapes and sports) to chose from
  • 6 different levels to chose from
  • Loads of words to make the games fun every time.

Why parents will love this app?

  • Kids will sharpen their brain playing memory games.
  • Kids will learn new words and also how to pronounce them.
  • They will learn to identify different objects from their images.
  • Fun with education at the same time.
  • The parents could spend quality parent-child time together with this app.

How to play?

  • Press “Play” to start the Memory Game.
  • Press category button to switch category.
  • Press level button to switch level.
  • Press highscores button to show highscore top 3 each level.
  • Tap to flip two cards and find the matching cards.





Where to download?

Encouraging kid’s participation in memory games or memory exercises definitely work in a positive manner and improve the memory of kids. Kids need to help their brain function in a better manner and right approach to improve the memory skills. Allowing too much TV watching or sleeping may slow down the brain functioning, but making the brain participate in exercises which boost its performance can work in a better manner. For this, encourage the kids to start playing “My kids Memory” app. One can download the app from Google Play stores using the following link:

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