Mintcoins – New way to earn money from android apps

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Do you wish to get paid for completing simple FREE tasks such as downloading a FREE app, watching an ad, completing a survey etc in your android mobile? Here is an amazing android app which has many offers from where you can earn and all your earnings will be credited directly to your PayPal account.

Mint Coins

Let us see some of the ways to earn money from this app:

  • Downloading free apps.
  • Downloading paid apps(very high pay for paid apps).
  • Inviting friends(Best Method – 0.50$ per friend).
  • Registering to free websites.
  • Registering to paid(high pay) websites.
  • Completing surveys.

If you wish to make money without paying a cent, you can as there are unlimited free offers to complete.
You don’t have the time to complete offers? No problem, you can earn just by inviting friends to try out MintCoins. You get 0.50$ for every friend invited to try out MintCoins. All your payouts will be completed within 24hours(Maximum). So if you still thinking whether its just another spam, you can have free trial and confirm yourself.

Earning Mint Coins
Invite friends
Mint Coins profile Page
Redeem Mint Coins

How to earn from Mintcoins

1. Register and Login to MintCoins with your email address.
2. Scan and complete the offers you like.
3. Invite friends(Best Method)
3. When your earning reaches 3 dollars, you can get payout via Paypal account.

My thoughts

Although its in beta phase, still its performing good in terms of features and payouts. So its worth giving it a try.

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