Android app to get Interior Design Ideas & Photos

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Many Android users have complained that it’s very hard to find good applications at the Google Play Store because there are more than 400,000 of them available for download. This matter also concerns interior designers or people who want to decorate their homes. Well, here is one of the best interior design application that will definitely give you great tips regarding home improvement. It contain lots of photos, and I’m sure you will find something that you like, but also learn how to keep up with the latest design trends.

Check out some of the screenshots of the app, you will notice very clear user interface with no ads.

home page
Idea file for interior design
Interior Design photos
Various Interior design images

When one of my friend asked me ideas for customizing his Bed room, I came across this app. I searched over this app little doubted mind because I have experienced that free apps got lot of Advertisement and less relative things But I’m very impressed with this application. This application had good number of samples to check and NO ads making better user experience.

To download the app, Please visit this link.

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