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Hyper Nonna Android Game review

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Hyper Nonna is a great new game which is specifically designed to emulate classic old time games from the 8 bit era. So, if you like classics like Donkey Kong, etc., then Hyper Nonna should be right up your alley. It has all the elements of classic 8 bits games, and will give you a great feeling of nostalgia for the old days as you play it. I give this game an easy 5 stars, just for the great memories it brings back while I play. But the Hyper Nonna game itself is pretty good, too! You won’t need a whole slew of fancy gaming equipment to play it, since everything is 8 bits, just like an old Atari or Coleco game! This one is definitely recommended for old timers, rather than any newer fans.

Hyper Nonna android game

This is a great game for your smart phone. You can load it right in, since it’s only 8 bits! The game consists of three different playing levels, and is completely free to play. Being a free upload definitely makes this game worth playing. Of course, since they deliberately created it as an 8 bit game in 2013, free also makes a lot of sense! Not many people would play it if it weren’t! As stated above, the game features three episodes, as well as more than 50 levels, and is completely free to upload and play on your smart phone. So far, so good. For old time players who remember the days of Atari, the game is sure to provide a welcome and refreshing blast of early years nostalgia.

If you’re a modern day player who doesn’t remember those early days of Atari and Coleco and hand held video games, you may probably not find as much to like about this particular game, since the relevance of nostalgic memories won’t mean anything at all to you. So, for you, it may be wise to give Hyper Nonna a wide berth. The game really does upload and play at 8 bits, and it may be entirely too tiresome, repetitive, and boring for you to handle. However, for the rest of us older gentlemen and ladies, Hyper Nonna is packed with classic old time graphics, and a thousand and one in jokes and references to the “classic” age of Nintendo, Atari, and other hard cartridge games.

So, if you’re for a classic stocking stuffer for your old time friends and relatives, Hyper Nonna is a real treat. Give them the hyperlink to download the game, and then sit back and watch the joy on their faces! They’ll soon be goofing around like it’s 1983 all over again! For a few short hours, they’ll be transported back to the young and innocent days of classic 8 bit video games! Give them this nostalgic treat, and they’ll love you all over again! Hyper Nonna is, therefore, a game that we will give a rating of 3 to (for actual game play), and a rating of 5 for nostalgic value, thus creating an averaged out rating of 4. But, don’t give this game to anyone under 35, or they won’t understand!

Different levels of Hyper Nonna

Hyper Nona game for android

Hyper Nona game


To download the app from Google play, please use the following link: Hyper Nonna

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