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Hidden Object Adventure Android game

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Among the variety of android games, hidden object games (HOGs) are quite interesting for People of different ages. HOGs train the kids to enhance their memory, logic, help to develop thinking skills. Even Grown-ups who mostly relax, while playing, especially in a train or plane, during coffee break, or having evening rest after a hard day will also like playing the game. Though, HOG games are good for logic, some things are really difficult to find, and a player need to think thoroughly before he can do that.

In this Hidden Object Adventure game, you play the role of Edward who has a nice house, good job and lots of women in his life. Edward likes adventure time and always gets caught unprepared and has to search for misplaced items. You need to help him to get through his daily life in the best free Hidden Objects Puzzle. It’s like. It’s like hide and seek with items that seem to be nowhere to be found. Through the game, you will be preparing breakfast, go shopping, clean the car and do various stuffs along with Edward and help him find the hidden objects.You must investigate the area and carefully search for the items like a detective.The items may be concealed, covered or in some cryptic mystic places. To find the mysterious items, you have to point your finger and click the screen on your Android device and mobile phones.

Where is my stuff

Messy hidden object adventure game

Find hidden object adventure android game

Living Room hidden objects adventure game


This hidden object play is completely free without charge. If you want free downloads free games, you can enjoy this hide and seek play with your family and friends everywhere. Where Is My Stuff is the most fun puzzle you will get on your Android mobile phones. To download this app, visit Google Play.

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