Device Info 2020 HD Android Live Wallpaper

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Device Info 2020 HD is an animated live wallpaper that informs you from your device. In device info 2020 app, you have pinch to zoom and swype function as well to play with the live wallpaper. It has many customized filters and Realistic post processing effects such as vignette filter effect, scanline filter effect, sepia filter effect, etc.

Device info 2020 android full

It supports various widgets, backgrounds and text colors. Some of the supported widgets are:

  • add cpu usage widget
  • add cpu history widget
  • add cpu frequencies widget
  • add memory widget
  • add internet widget (net-type, subtype) /hsdpa, edge, LTE, etc./
  • add upload/download kbps. rate widget
  • add linux and android versions widget
  • add new sms widget
  • add internal card usage widget
  • add sd card usage widget
  • add device rooted widget
  • add analog clock and timer widget
  • add accelerometer widget
  • add battery info widget
  • add battery info temp widget
  • add battery info voltage widget
  • orientation mode supported
live wallpaper android
Device info wallpaper
live wallpaper android app
device info wallpaper android

Download Device Info

You can download the device info 2020 live wallpaper app from the following link.
Download from Google play

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