Coloring Heroes – New android app for kids

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For as long as parents have held fun looking smartphones in their hands, kids have been literally grasping at us to join in the “fun”. With folder encryption and multi-login root apps like SwitchMe , we no longer have to worry about our kids seeing things they shouldn’t or wiping our data with a few unlucky swipes.Now that we feel confident enough to allow our precious Androids at the hands of babes, what suitable programs exist to occupy their attention?
coloring heroes
Contrary to the sounds of it, Google Play Store carries but a fraction of kid-friendly apps compared to the grown-up counterparts. That’s still pretty thousands of apps to contend with. A good starting point is Coloring Heroes.
Coloring Heroes is a free coloring book app by 1Up Creative Group, makers of other kid-friendly apps such as Princess Color and Color & Learn: Sea Animals. Fire up CH and the app downloads a batch of line-drawn super hero templates (104 at the time of writing). Not generic super heroes, mind you, but real live comic book stars like Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, and many more you’ll remember from that age. If you’re like me, you never forgot those super folk.
For an app geared toward the under 10 crowd, I have to say the tool array was somewhat impressive. There are 6 square brushes varying in size and 6 round ones, eraser , paint bucket-ish tool, and an embossing brush. Yes, an embossing brush that enables you to do slick textured designs over the existing masterpiece. The color palate looks a lot like Gimp 2’s. And filling inside the lines is as easy as tapping inside the lines.
My 7 year old daughter really loved playing with this app . My 15 year old was predictably too cool for school on this one. For me personally, Coloring Heroes was a bit more addicting than I’d like to admit. I fought back the urge to manhandle my phone out of my daughter’s hands at least once. I can’t even imagine having an app this cool when I was her age. Can you?


  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • Good selection of coloring templates
  • Infinite color palate


  • Ad-Supported
  • No Undo options
  • Save options were sometimes buried under the ads.
  • Templates would not load on my HTC ONE V (Rooted X3REME Sense ICS)

To download this app: visit google play

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