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If you like wearing earrings, you probably find shopping for them takes time. Finding the best pair that fits you takes time, and how many times can you ask the salesperson to show you another earring?
With the Ffiitt App from Cojoy Media, you can try as many earrings as you like without bothering the salesperson and do it at your leisure.
Ear Ring android app
Ffiitt is easy to use. Download the app to your tablet. Open the app and click the “Face” button to take a photo of your face, use your finger to mark your ear loop on the photo and click save. Choose icons of the earrings and try them on your photo. The app will vitually fit the earring on your photo. Repeat.
It’s that easy.
You can also scan the QR code for the lastest earring collections from different brands that are showcased with Ffiitt. Find the QR codes that are marked with “Ffiitt”, scan it with the app, and the images or the earrings will be downloaded to your tablet and ready to fit.

When you are ready to purchase an earring that you like, simply click the purchase button on the app, and it will lead you to the vendor’s shopping site so that you can complete the purchase with ease.

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