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Introducing the free CHEAP HOTELS 80% OFF Android App with instant access to 2 million+ hotel deals worldwide from 100s of travel sites including Expedia,,, Agoda, Venere, Accorhotels, Atrapalo, eLong,, Hilton, Marriott, Priceline, Kayak and many more, so you can find and book a hotel room instantly on your phone – anytime, anywhere.

Cheap Hotel 80 offer

The Cheap Hotels Android App wants you to pay the lowest price possible for your hotel. Ifd you find your hotel room at a lower online rate after you have booked with a site listed, They guarantee to refund you the difference, provided that this lower rate is available on a website.

Specifically designed for the Android Marketplace, the app provides a better UI experience and deals.

Cheap Hotel 80 offer homepage

Cheap Hotel 80 offer hotel details

Cheap Hotel 80 offer date picker

Cheap Hotel 80 offer search page

As you can see in the above images, Its very user friendly to use the app. Just you need to follow the below steps :

  • Enter the travel destination
  • Select the date

That’s all you will get the best hotel deals for that destination from all travel sites. You can compare the prices and get the best deal.


Please use the following link to download “Book cheap hotel 80% offer” app from Google Play store.

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