Automatically send message before battery depletes in Android

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The number of android mobile users is increasing day by day, but even the high end android mobiles can provide only upto 12hrs of battery. So you might have came across this situation When you are having a serious conversation with a friend and the battery dies in midway through the conversation. During that time won’t they imagine that you are ignoring them? When the battery is about to deplete, Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could automatically send your significant other a message along the lines of “Sorry, dear! The battery is about to die! Will message later!” every time your battery reaches a particular battery level.

I have came across this situation many times so i was searching for an app to automatically inform particular contacts about my mobile status. Luckily I found “Last Message” android app in Google Play store. The app is designed just as the way i wish it to be.

With everybody now connected to the internet and always in contact, it is important for you to let your friends and family know when you may not be-able to be contacted so they can have peace of mind next time you don’t reply to a tweet, Facebook message, email or SMS.

Last Message runs in the background of your device and monitors your battery – you can set the app to notify someone through Twitter, Email, SMS or Facebook to warn them that you may not be in-contact once your phone battery has been depleted.


Set up Last Message

With Last Message, you can personalize your away message anyway you’d like and even choose at what percentage you’d like the app to send the message.

Last message warning message


Configuration Settings

So next time your battery becomes depleted, you can be confident that your contacts will know exactly why you are not reachable on your mobile. Last Message combines a simple and one-time setup with full customization, so you can have your personal away message sent to your chosen contacts.

Battery temperature

As well as being simple, Last Message includes advanced features – use the Statistics page to learn additional information about the battery that your device houses, measure the battery temperature trend and more if needed.Another cool feature of Last Message is that You can set a start and stop time, meaning that between your chosen hours, Last Message will not send the alerts. You can also configure the days you’d like the app to function on and configuring your accounts is just as simple.


Final Words

I love this app so far!! This is truly a real gem of an app. I have found lots of good use for this and I am super happy with how smooth this runs and how simple the whole process is to set it up. Last Message is a tool that you’ll never want to live without, giving the peace of mind to you and your recipient. I actually needed something like this, especially for important emails and conversations that I have on a daily basis. I love it and will be using this all the time!

To download the Last Message app from Google play, visit here

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