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Easy Backup is simple android application that backs up and restores your phone’s applications and data.
Easy Backup is an easy way to back up and restore Apps, Sms, Mms, Call log, Calendar, Bookarks, Dictionary and Contacts found on your Android phone.
The app allows you to create backups to SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox or Google Drive account.

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Backup Features

  • – Backup and restore:
  • * Apps
  • * SMS
  • * MMS
  • * Call log
  • * Calendar
  • * Bookmarks
  • * Dictionary
  • * Contact


Schedule backups

– Schedule automatic backups
– View backup contents on your phone or PC
– Backup & restore app’s data (need root)
– Batch restore apps from SD card, Dropbox or Google drive (need root)

– Supported backup locations:
* SD Card
* Gmail
* Dropbox
* Google Drive


With Easy Backup you will never lose your data again!
You can download this app from Google Play: Download

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