3R Bible Quiz: Free mobile app for Smartphones and Tablets

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This app is presented in three languages; English, French, and Spanish. It is currently being developed in simplified Chinese.

There are four questions pertinent to what this app sets to achieve:

Do you want to improve your general knowledge of the bible?

Are you looking to share some fun time with your family that incorporates some biblical education?

Do you want to download a FREE app for your Smartphone or tablet that will feed your spirit and enable you to learn at the same time?

Do you enjoy reading the scriptures?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then the 3R Bible Quiz app is for you.


With over 730 questions and more added periodically, the set of rousing questions provides a fun way for people who are eager to learn the scriptures and those who enjoy reading it to acquire more knowledge about the bible. In the app, users will be presented with questions covering all books of the bible in these five categories; People, Places, Events, Statements, and Miscellaneous. To start, users are to select at least two categories and then proceed to choose the level they want to play. Each round has fifteen randomly selected questions and you can play many rounds. In the free version, players are restricted to the “Easy” level. To play other levels, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”, you will need to purchase the full version.


The app is so engaging that you may need about 10 – 12 hours to fully explore all the level depending on your intellect. Don’t worry, if want to stop ‘Play’ after a number of rounds or to verify the correct answer presented by the app,  just touch the HOME button of your device. When you are ready to resume ‘Play’, simply touch the ‘Recent apps’ button or the 3R Bible Quiz app icon on your device.

It’s available on Google Play Store: Download now

Please do rate it and share it.

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