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45+ Brilliant Bokeh Photography Inspirations and Tips

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It’s All about Blurring Your Image!! Taking its origin from Japanese term” Boke” , it’s a one-of-a-kind effect you would love to add in your image. No, I am not talking about something unpattern absurd effect that makes your lovely image turn into a gloomy one. But I am telling something more recognizable and sophisticated, aesthetically blurring out the back and making sharp your foreground. This is one of the easiest things to learn in photography, but one of the toughest to master, you know.
It mainly goes sharp in your image when there is point light source or something that is giving out the same. You just need to be sure that your subject stands out, that’s it.
I have seen several noobs suffering, struggling out to get some dramatic effect but going vague in their effort. So, for them here are some short, in-depth suggestion, have a read!

Some Tips to achieve great Bokeh Photograph

1. Choosing The Right Gear

Always try to use a fast lens, like f-1.4, 1.8, 2.8 giving you maximum aperture opening the way out to blur your background more effectively .The Aperture is a group of several blades grouped in the way that they form circle or octagon to create circular or octagonal shaped light bursts. Lenses which use more blades create more similar shape Light bursts giving out lovely and soft feel you need. 50mm, 35 mm and 100mm macros are some lenses you can consider for the purpose.

2. Power Over Depth-of-Field.

I hope you all know what is Depth of field, don’t you??
To keep in short, it is the function enables you to make out how much of your frame should be in Focus. You may want the front space or the back to be in or out of focus respectively and by altering the depth of filed you can have it with ease.So, Controlling your aperture is an important when it comes to Bokeh, you should learn very carefully how selectively you can focus and how much fuzzy or blur you want your subjects’ back to be .Always remember achieving good bokeh involves maintaining shallow depth of filed.
Many newbies just wide open the aperture to fullest, achieving a shallow depth of field .But that’s not going to be your aim, MIND IT! You should carefully adjust the value to get the shapes on background and while keeping your front (subject) in sharp focus with proper exposure

3. Positioning you’re self

It is always a best choice to be as close as possible to the subject. The more close you are the better your Bokeh will be. Its all about how sharp you make your subjects and defocuses or blur the back.

4. Customized Bokeh

Oooo! It’s really going to be interesting guys. Customized Bokeh are something you can really enjoy about. You just have to make a cover that you can put over you lens, making any custom shapes like hearts, leaves, stars etc. at the center and juts in the line of aperture. Now wait! How come it will work? Hmm, let me describe it to you. When you focuses a Subject the light beams from the object reaches the aperture giving you sharp view .Now what happens to the light that are coming way out objects on the vicinity? This enters to camera sensor in the shape you carved out on that cover , making the extract shape wanted .

45+ Stunning Bokeh photography Inspirations

Bokeh Photography in a sense will look similar to that of Macro Photography, because even here the object is focused very closely. But Bokeh adds aesthetic blurring and glowing effect which makes the photograph look awesome.

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