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85+ BreathTaking Tilt-Shift Photography and Resources

Atomic Test tilt Shift Photography

Qwest and Safeco Fields mini tilt Shift Photography

Playground tilt Shift Photography

flower maze tilt Shift Photography

Kleiner Harz tilt Shift Photography

20 inspirational Fake Tilt Shift Photography

These are some of the fake Tilt Shift Photographs which are Photoshopped. I have Included the tutorials which describes how to make fake Tilt Shift Images in the beginning of the post itself.

La Vera Cruz - Efecto Fake tilt Shift Photography

Toy Crane Fake tilt Shift Photography

Messin around with chairs Fake tilt Shift Photography

Harbor Miniature Fake tilt Shift Photography

Miniature Essaouira Fake tilt Shift Photography

Basket Ball Court Fake tilt Shift Photography

Boat tilt Shift Photography

Newyork City Fake tilt Shift Photography

mini airport miniature tilt Shift Photography

cliff miniature tilt Shift Photography

Brugge miniature tilt Shift Photography

Tug Boat miniature tilt Shift Photography

Petrol Tank miniature tilt Shift Photography

Faux miniature tilt Shift Photography

Employed by planet Earth miniature tilt Shift Photography

trains Tilt Shift Photography

Monsal Head Tilt Shift Photography

Car Excellent Tilt Shift Photography

Multnomah Falls Tilt Shift Photography
Train Tilt-shift Photography
Train Tilt-shift Photography

5 Useful Tutorials for Tilt Shit Photography

Tilt-shift photography is getting more and more popular these days and I hope that many of you would like to have one of those costly tilt-shift lenses to play with. Unfortunately they are pretty expensive and you probably will not want to spend hundreds of dollars just for some funny shots. So I have included some of the best tutorials available on Net for creating the fake Tilt-Shift Photographs using Photoshop.

Create Tilt-Shift Photographs in Just 3 Steps

Tilt-shift Photography Maker

How to Make Fake Miniature Scenes

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

A Simple How-To tutorial for Tilt-Shift Photography

A Simple How-To for creating Tilt-Shift Effect in Photoshop CS

Create Tilt-shift Miniature Effect in Photoshop

Create Tilt-shift Miniature Effect in Photoshop

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

fake Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Tilt-Shift Photography Photoshop Tutorial

Some Astonishing Tilt-Shift Videos




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  2. Awesome work gathering those photos. Have seen a couple of them around the web, but I`m impressed every time I see them. Congrats.

  3. Great collection of photos and resources. Thank you!

  4. really inspiring photographs.

  5. I find tilt shift photography quite over done these days but this post reassures me there is still people out there doing amazing things. I wonder how many are actually shooting with a dedicated tilt shift lens or are doing the effect in Photoshop?

    Great post.

    • As you can see, I have separated fake Tilt shift photographs from the real ones which are taken with dedicated tilt shift lens. Even if people fake images using photoshop, they wont get that tilt-shift effect what a dedicated lens can give.

  6. Excellent piece of writing, l quite agree with your submission. I will subscribe to your rss to keep up.

  7. nice collection of images thanx to share these pics

  8. Great collection of pics I like them all Thanks for sharing

  9. Dang, is this real? its really pretty!;]

  10. Really? There were probably just six photos here that didn’t look completely awful. Most of the subjects in the photos didn’t look like miniatures, most looked like someone rubbed oil on the top and bottom thirds of their lenses! Tilt-shift is way overdone and trite these days, but at least post some good ones!

  11. Awesome collection of mini photos 🙂 thanks

  12. damn.. it’s very very nice pic.. an the best shoot i ever knew.. it’s really inspiring me.. awesome.. 🙂

  13. Titl shift is not just about making things look like miniatures, a look which, at this point, is really tiresome. Check out some of the examples in architectural photography–what will stay with us after this miniature phase becomes passé.

  14. very cool….some of them really make you look hard….hahaha thanks for this great collection

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  16. photographs are really awosmes….. plz tell me about the tilt shift photography. how can i take this types of photography

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  18. well i was searching photos on google.. the first thing i saw was the yellow cat.. i thought its a toy.. its just WOW!! i love ur work

  19. Interesting use of selective focus and some great results in the photographs presented. These examples make the viewer focus more on the subjects photographed due to the ’tilt’ technique employed.