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Show Adsense ads below post title

In this tutorial I will explain how to place Adsense ads below post title in Blogger Blogs with lots of customization tips. You might have noticed that most of the bloggers show Google adsense ads below title to increase their Click through rate and earnings.

According to Google adsense help pages ” Where to place adsense ads ?“. Placing adsense ads below title and above article content can bring high ctr and performance.

Adsense ads Below post title

This “heat map” illustrates the ideal placing on a sample page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). So it’s clear from the heat map that the adsense ads below post title can bring high ctr.

How to add Adsense ads below post title ?

It’s really very easy to add adsense ads below post title in blogger. Inorder to add adsense ads below post title ,just follow the below steps.

Before adding the adsense ads to blogger templates , we need to encode our adsense ads code.If you add the adsense code without encoding then you can’t see any adsense ads below post title.

Encoding Adsense Ad Code ?

To encode adsense ads, first create an adsense ad and then visit centricle website to encode. In centricle web page , you need to paste your adsense code in the text area and then click ” Encode “. Copy the encoded code. Now your adsense code is ready to be added to blogger template.

Adding adsense ad code to blogger template

step 1 : Go to layout section of your blogger template and then navigate to EDIT HTML sub tab. There check the “Expand Widget Templates “.

step2 : Look up the following tag : <p><data:post.body/></p> and paste the encoded adsense ad code above that tag.

Then click save. That’s it Now we have added the adsense ad code below the post title in blogger blog successfully.

Customizing Adsense ads

Here are the few customization tips , which you can apply to increase your CTR.You might have seen that most of the bloggers will show more than Three posts in home page / labels page / archives page. But as per adsense TOS we can show only Three ads per page. So due to this we will see some blank spaces between post title and content , when the three adsense ads are already loaded.In order to avoid this error , we can show adsense ads only in Post pages i.e pages containing articles.

Showing adsense Ad only in Post pages

In order to implement this hack in your blogger template. you need to change the encoded adsense ad code to this.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
Encoded Adsense code here

Now paste this code above <p><data:post.body/></p>

Making adsense ads to Float

After adding the adsense ad code to your templates , you can see that by default the adsense ad code will not allow any text to be shown nearby it.

So in order to overcome this error , we need to add some CSS codes to make adsense ad code to float either left or right.

For this we just need to modify the encoded adsense code to be added in step 2.

replace that encoded code with this one :

<div style="float:left;padding:5px;">encoded adsense ad code here</div>

Change the text in red to make adsense ad to float either to left or right.

My suggestion

According to me , instead of showing adsense ads in all pages ( home page , archives page and labels page ) , we can show adsense ads only in post pages to increase our ctr.
Hope you guys will like this hack. If you need any more customization , then give me your suggestions via comments.

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    from you guys to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks a bunch, this place is great btw.

  2. Wow. I really am thankful for this tutorial. I find it actually easy to install this hack. I have a problem though. I want to post the ad in my homepage but how do I set it up so that it repeats to show only once every after posts?

  3. Nice article. But Can I show more than 3 ads?

    • @Nitish , No you can’t show more than 3 ads in a page. Even if you add more codes, it won’t show up.

      But you can have 3 ads units and 3 link units in same page. Its possible. But you can’t have more than three ads/link units.

  4. There are many ways to use AdSense to achieve your goals.Some people are using AdSense to earn a great deal of money in amounts that you would not have thought was possible unless you robbed a bank.

  5. @ Ntish, you dont really need to show more that 3 ad units. As M.Rias already said, you can have 3 ad units and 3 ad links.

    One good way to do this is to have one post per page, place a large rectangle ad block just below post title, and one banner ad after post. This is if your site is mainly set up for adsense revenue.

    But if you want to have several posts on one page, then you should use the code here to close the gap that wil result.

    But the tutorial here is spot on btw.

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  8. Thanks a lot. Your post helped me a lot. The strategy of not including ads in the home page (where it has the summaries with read more links like mine) is very helpful. I too feel that’s the way to go.

    Only issue was that the location to enter the code in blogger template : – this code piece is not found in blogger template. You need to just search for .

    Other thing is, because the read more hack is now built into blogger – the if condition that you mentioned that needed to be added is already there in the code. One just needs to insert the adsense code in the correct if condition.

  9. This is a well know example of ad placement. I would have expected something different, somehow. I found this post by looking for performance of link units above text and it would have been great to have a bit more information about ad placement relative to text and not relative to the page.
    However, this is still an excellent piece of information for those who are not that at ease with AdSense.

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    <div style="float:left;padding:5px;”>
    encoded adsense ad code here

    Blogger editor gave me this error:

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The value of attribute “style” associated with an element type “null” must not contain the ‘<' character.

    Please help me to solve it.

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    • Hi Melia, You can display ads below post. I think something you are doing wrong. Btw did you encoded your ad code with HTML Entities

      • thank you Mohamed Rias…I’ve tried it, but why on the home page adsense ads appear all

        • Hi Melia, I don’t know what’s wrong but this tag makes the code to appear only on post page. Please make sure you placed the code correctly.

          • melia / Melia EI (Google+) 12. Sep, 2012 at 7:29 am

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