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16 useful Mac cheat Sheets

Cheat sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. Cheat sheets will contain most of the shortcuts needed to program faster. And it is meant for newbie users who can’t remember the shortcuts or commands.

In this article , I have collected some of the useful cheat sheets available for Mac OS. These cheat sheets will definitely help you either if you are new to Mac or if you are shifting from Windows to Mac. These cheat Sheets also covers some of the useful keyboard shortcuts and things which you will be using in Mac daily.

You may think that one cheat sheet is just enough , but I feel that some cheat sheets may miss some points so its better to look through all of them and then choose the top 2-5 you think will help you the most. After that you can Print them out and hang them on the wall around your desk for quick reference.

My Mac cheat Sheet

Whether your Mac asks you for certain information or you’re seeking help from Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), there may come a time when you need to have access to your serial number, hardware configuration, passwords, email server or internet access information. And then you discover that you’ve either forgotten or misplaced this information. If you forget it, don’t worry, pull out your Mac Cheat Sheet instead.

My Mac Cheat Sheet

Mac 101 – beginner’s guide

If you’re new to computers or simply need a refresher course on how to get the most out of your Mac, then Mac 101 cheat sheet is for you.

MAC 101 - beginner's guide

Macs All-in-One For Dummies

Macs come in all shapes and sizes, but you turn all of them on and off, and do things with the keyboard and mouse (or trackpad, if yours is a MacBook) the same way. Macintosh OS X Snow Leopard, Apple’s latest version of the Mac operating system, has all the familiar boxes, windows, and mouse pointers as its predecessors. This Cheat Sheet of timesaving keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, Mac-related Web sites, and definitions can help you get the most from your Mac right away.

Macs All-in-One For Dummies

Reference for EVERY Character Key on a Mac

Ever wanted to type the copyright icon, or do an accent over an A without having to resort to some character palette? We have, and it takes time and is an effort. So we put together a series of help sheets that reference all of the characters that aren’t listed on your keyboard, along with their shortcut keys to make your life easier.

Reference for EVERY Character Key on a Mac

Switch 101 – Apple Mac cheat sheet

If you’re a PC user who has just switched to the Mac and want to find out how to adapt your old working habits to the Mac OS, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to learn how to get around and access everything on your Mac; find out how to move your old PC files to the Mac OS environment; figure out how to connect your printer, iPod, digital camera, or other device; learn how to do those tasks you did on a PC on a Mac; learn how to use the software that came with your Mac; or even find out what to do when things don’t go as planned; Switch 101 has got all the answers.

My First MAC guide

Leopard Cheat Sheet

My First MAC guide

Mac OS X keyboard Cheat Sheet

My First MAC guide

My First Mac guide

Below you’ll find the My First Mac guide on how to use your new Mac when all you know is Windows. Of course this topic can go deep and take months or even years of training, so we will stick to the top dozen or so issues that new Mac users run into that makes them want to throw their Mac through the window.

My First MAC guide

Mac OS X cheat sheet

Mac OS X cheat sheet

Avid Support – Mac cheat Sheet

It is intended to help properly configure and troubleshoot Mac editing systems – both PowerPC and Intel based. Included are some tips and tricks to maximize performance and stability of your system. Follow the tips in the document and the initial installation and configuration will be very simple.

My First MAC guide

MAC OS cheat sheet

MAC OS X cheat sheet

Mac OS X Transition Cheat Sheet

MAC OS X cheat sheet


My First MAC guide


My First MAC guide

Mac OS Quick Reference, Apple Mac OS X Tiger

Mac OS Quick Reference, Apple Mac OS X Tiger

Mac OS X Mail email settings Cheat Sheet

You can print (or copy and paste to a text document) and fill out the following “cheat sheet” to record your email
provider’s settings. This sheet can make it easier for you to configure Mail in Mac OS X, or if you contact your

My First MAC guide

I hope that this list of Cheat sheets will definitely help you in handling Mac. If you have came across any good cheat sheet for Mac then do let me know.

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  6. Super useful sheets.. thanks a lot for spreading them. Cheers

  7. speaking of switchers, i wish there would be a “cut” function in the finder … 🙂

  8. the link to the excel cheat sheet appears to be broken.

  9. Mac not MAC. Mac is short for Macintosh. It is not an acronym.

    • The only place I see that he’s typed it as “MAC” is in the titles, in which case all of the letters are capitalized, as it’s a title. Every time it’s types in the body text, he’s typed “Mac” as it should be.

  10. Thanks for pulling all these together. One thing to note Macintoshes are abbreviated to Mac, not MAC. MAC has to do with ethernet addresses and such.

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